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Helping business owners to harness the power of video marketing, content repurposing and social media strategy. 

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Strategic Consulting

"If I had someone telling me what to do I could make it happen." 

I work with clients all over the world helping them to know the next right step in their business, and how to leverage video marketing. Whether it's helping you know the next content to make, reminding you of what's possible, or helping you know all the updated details on all the social media platforms I'm here to help. I work with you one on one and I'm basically in your back pocket helping you make it happen. 



Video Groundwork 

Inside Video Groundwork you're joining the best membership to grow your business with video. Learning video principals to stand out professionally but authentically, learning the tools and tactics to help you grow your reach and revenue and monthly content to show you behind the scenes of my multiple 6 figure business where I help 6,7 and 8 figure business owners harness the power of video marketing to explode their businesses. The people you look up to are using my strategies to grow through organic video marketing on Youtube, Tiktok, Linked In, Instagram and Facebook TODAY! Join so you can grow too! No longer will you be stuck not knowing how to use video. 2023 the video game is going to level up and I’m here to help you build a foundation that will allow you to explode your visibility. 


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Video Growth Playbook


"Ok but how?"

In the Video Growth Playbook I help you make it happen. I keep up with all the changes of the social media platforms, and help you make it happen. Whether you need strategy, editing tutorials, a place to ask questions, or someone to help you go from inconsistent income to using video to create consistent income this is the program for you. 

This is for you if you are ready to take action and implement so you can see results. 

Members of the Video Growth Playbook get access to Video Groundwork as a gift. 

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Tiktok Mangement 


Tiktok got more traffic than google in 2021 and it's absolutely the best place to grow right now for your business. No you don't have to dance, but you do need to approach this with strategy. Wish you had someone to just tell you what to say? I've got you. Want someone to edit and post for you? I can do that too. I help business owners really harness the power of Tiktok for your business. 

Still not ready for tiktok? I offer these same services for Reels and Shorts. 

Content Repurposing

For my clients looking to make the most of their efforts I help them develop a plan to maximize what we great. Repurposing your content is going to give you the best marketing ecosystem results but this needs to be done with strategy to get results. That's where I come in both as a done for you service and as a consult to help you succeed. 

YouTube Marketing

Youtube allows you to build an evergreen lead generation machine on autopilot that will help you amplify your income and impact. 63% of businesses are represented on YouTube, and 95% of those businesses represented in 2019 said they would be increasing their marketing on YouTube in 2020. You don't need a ton of subscribers to make money on youtube, you just need strategically placed digital billboards. I can help you with that from researching what videos would do best, scripting, coaching on filming, editing, youtube optimization and more! 

Smaller packages available for scripting, and strategy. 

If you have videos already up that aren't getting views I can help with that also!

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! I think it is so important to offer a comprehensive and helpful service to you. This allows you to work with me rather than hire 2-4 different people, saving you time and money. For business owners who aren't yet ready to have a huge team I am a great help to them. For those who have a team, I'm able to be a valuable part! 

It depends on the service we are working with. Some are one set time frame, while others are month to month contracted for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. All social media services require at least a 3 month contract. 

I've worked with all sorts of businesses! From products, to services. I have unique experience in healthcare and motherhood related industries, but have worked with all sorts of different businesses from a kids directory, to business coaches, to healthcare offices/ providers and more! I'll be honest if your business isn't one I can help with. 

I do a lot of different things for youtube. One of the things I do is help videos that are up get more views by revamping the strategy. I go in and change the title, description, tags and thumbnail depending on the needs of what isn't working and then we watch. That arrow points to when I made the change and do you see that JUMP? That jump is strategy. This is the difference of strategy.

A 982% increase in views. 🤩

Now that upward trend after the jump is where it is continuing to bring in new views without ads. ZERO ads for new eyes on this content.

Now, my clients who do the best are getting full service help. Sure this helps get eyes on the video, but if that video isn't set up as part of a clear strategy to convert into leads you won't see an increase in sales.

Hear me : You could spend ALL the time making a video..but if its not set to convert it's not a good use of time.

If you make it and don't have strategy it won't bring new eyes and thus, it's not a good use of time.

I just wanted to share this to really give visual to what I'm often talking about. This is just the start of some amazing things for this client.  I'm happy to help you too!


Don't have the budget for monthly management? I can still help you! I offer 1-on-1 consult calls where you can ask me anything.  Click the link to apply and indicate this is what you need and we can set up a call. 


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